Tunisia Security Updates

TS Update-(Aware of the Shift)

Greetings Expats,

Busy weekend on the security side of things, but also this weekend was a good snapshot of the situation in Tunisia.  

On one hand we had great weather and many positive venues to enjoy…but a simple google news search provides more than enough stories to be concerned about.  

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.30.39 PM

A Shift

As informed expats we can learn a lot from what’s happening in Libya.  It’s crystal clear that things are heating up next door:

“Oil giant BP has withdrawn some nonessential staff from operations in Libya following UK government advice about uncertainty in the country.”-Article 

“The US and Britain have announced that they are withdrawing some diplomatic staff from Libya, amid security concerns over a recent flare-up in political unrest.” Article 

“A country (Libya) being pushed toward an abyss wrought of foreign intervention coupled with a weak central government and a plentiful supply of heavy weapons outside of government control.”-Article

Aware of the Shift 

The shift is on in Tunis.  On Saturday:  “Clashes erupt after prayers around Bilal mosque in Sidi Hassine Sijoumi area, where Salafists used knives, Molotov cocktails.”

As the government attempts to strengthen the security landscape; we will see more clashes between Tunisian Security Forces and “salafists”.  

We have entered a new phase in this revolution/evolution process.  Although the effects are currently not taking place in traditional “expat neighborhoods”, we need to remain aware and engaged.  

Let’s keep sharing information and empowering our expat community.  

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