UK holidaymakers all set to return to Tunis

Tunisia all set to receive UK holidaymakers

+VIDEO:  Tunisia Hotel Security Improvements

Tour operator Thomas Cook is taking British tourists back to Tunisia this week for the first time since an ISIS gunman massacred 38 people – 30 of them British – on a beach in Sousse in 2015.

Until last summer, the Foreign Office advised against travel there due to the high risk of terrorism.

So what has changed and is it safe for western tourists to go back?

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British officials say Tunisia has made huge progress in counter-terrorism since those attacks.

Quietly, behind the scenes, Britain and other western governments have been helping the Tunisians raise their security standards to the point where JTAC, the UK’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, recommended lifting the Foreign Office’s travel restrictions.

Tunisia Hotel Security Improvements

British aviation security experts have helped carry out a complete overhaul of security at Tunis, Djerba, Monastir and Enfidha airports.

Explosive detection systems have been donated and installed and there is now a best-practice cooperation deal signed between Tunis Carthage airport and Bristol airport.

The Ministry of Defense has undertaken to train up the National Guard in maritime interdiction and port security.

Counter-terrorism detectives from the Metropolitan Police have been working with hotel staff in resort towns to train them in what to look out for in terms of suspicious activity.

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