Tunisia’s economy: Protests not helping Tourism…

Tunisia’s Government Pledges Improvements After Protests

+READ BELOW why Experts are raising alarms about Tunisia’s economy.  

2015 Sousse attack continues to negatively impact the Tunisian economy.  

The dreadful event:  “Business was booming before the 2011 revolution, Zaghouane was packed with tourists. But, in 2015, a gunman killed 38 tourists in the resort town of Sousse, creating a business crisis for hotel owners like Zribi, who saw his revenues decline by 90 percent.

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Experts raise alarm about Tunisia’s deteriorating economy…

With economic indicators including debt and trade deficit worsened in 2017, local experts raised alarm about the economy and called for immediate reforms in 2018.

More than 800 people have been arrested over violence, looting and vandalism so far.

The new finance law sparked a wave of anger in Tunisia throughout the past week. Protests swept across the country, accompanied by clashes at night between security guards and youths.

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One Tunisian expert warned against the negative repercussions of the current socio-economic situation, on industries such as tourism, the main growth engine of the country.
“I think Tunisia will be in full socio-economic and financial turbulence, if the government fails to come up with concrete and effective solutions, mainly on structural reforms of tax system, as well as fighting against tax evasion, parallel trading, smuggling and corruption.”

Current Travel Advise for Tunisia: Summary – protests in several towns and cities across Tunisia continue; you should avoid protests and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

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