Tunisian Labor Union Calls for “Mass Protest”…

Tunisia’s powerful labor union UGTT said U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and decision to move the U.S. embassy to the city was a “declaration of war”.

Security Insights below:  Why we should monitor December 8th closely.  

“We call…for mass protests,” the labor union said in a statement.

Tunisia’s foreign ministry said in a separate statement Trump’s move “seriously threatens to undermine the foundations of the (Israeli-Palestinian) peace process.”


Leaders from within the Muslim world and from the wider international community were swift to criticize the move, and some warned of the potential for violence and bloodshed as a result.

The Arab League called it “a dangerous measure that would have repercussions” across the region, and also questioned the future role of the US as a “trusted mediator” in peace talks.

Islamists organized violent demonstrations in 2012 after a film denigrating the prophet appeared on the Internet. Those rallies resulted in at least four deaths in Tunis, amid demonstrations that engulfed the region.


Impact in Tunis

As Hamas calls for a “day of rage” Friday (December 8th), urging widespread protest in response to the “Jerusalem” decision; look for activist groups in Tunis to do the same.  December 8, 2017 will give us a good idea of how strong and disruptive these protests will be.

Operating in the MENA region? You need a SECURITY PLAN.

 Even if the protests are uneventful; we should not rule out the threat of terrorism.  Additionally, U.S. embassies are beefing up security in the Middle East and North Africa for a reason.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and share relevant updates.  For organizations operating in Tunis or anywhere throughout the MENA region don’t let another day go by without reviewing your Security Plan.  


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