Tunisia Travel: Is it “Safe” for tourist to return?

Spring is approaching and many are wondering:  Is it Safe to Visit Tunisia?

Spoiler Alert: Many have reached out to me via the Facebook Page, Twitter, and Email asking the same question.  As a Security Professional I enjoy empowering travelers with insights and advice on security matters in Tunisia. However, the decision to travel is up to each individual. Travelers should read the FCO travel advise BEFORE making any plans.

OK…now back to the article!

“Despite the risk of terror attacks, Brits are still being lured because of the cheap prices on offer.”-The Sun Article

Hype or reality?  Are Brits being lured by cheap prices or are they security savvy travelers that think Tunisia is safe???

We recently posted about the News of the 1st Cruse Ship to dock in Tunis…

 Yet the question remains:  Is it Safe to visit Tunisia???

Opportunity vs. Risk

Recently I posted a video entitled: “Tunisia 2017 Security Outlook”. In it I described the security challenges that Tunisia faces and highlighted some major concerns.

Still Tunisians have a way of overcoming these challenges and their Security Forces have certainly improved since the horrific Sousse incident.


 As for the “luring point” the article found rooms at five-star hotels “as cheap as £11 a night in Sousse, with many more on offer between the price range of £11 to £20.”

The Tunisian ambassador to the UK, Nabil Ammar, makes valid points on both the Opportunity & Risk side of the travel equation.  Concerning the current FCO Travel Warning for Tunisia, he said the “UK should take into account security improvements that have been made over the last 12 months.”


The Ambassador went on to make an odd argument:  “If you take statistics, you have much less chance to die in Tunisia or to have any harm in Tunisia than so many countries close to us.”  [TRUE]…However! He went to say  “Every week terrorist cells are dismantled. Terrorists are arrested or neutralized. This should give a positive image, not a negative one.”

And there lies the rub/problem/challenge…however you want to classify it.  

Travel Guidance

The bottom line is this:  Tunisia has made significant improvements to their security structure especially when it comes to tourism.

Additionally, terrorism is a worldwide problem and travelers need to (a) do their homework before arriving and (b) invest in their security awareness.

So…Is Tunisia Safe to Visit?  Yes BUT do your homework and empower yourself with security awareness.

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