Tunisia Travel Alert: FCO claims “heightened risk of terrorism against aviation”

Traveling to Tunisia?  Taking electronics?  You may want to read this…

Make sure to read the FCO Travel Update at the bottom of the article. 

Visiting Tunisia ?  Stay Informed! 

Tunisian government protests against a decision to restrict carry-on electronic goods on flights from Tunisia.

What happened:  Britain announced that from Saturday it will ban passengers from carrying some phones, laptops and tablets on flights from six countries in the Middle East including Tunisia.

                      Traveling to Tunisia?

How it went down:  Tunisia’s government summons the British ambassador to protest against a decision to restrict carry-on electronic goods on flights from Tunisia, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the British decision was “unjustified” and did not reflect an improved security situation in Tunisia.


“Tunisia is surprised by this decision, which was taken without consultation with the Tunisian authorities or informing them in advance…”


“As long as England maintains these restrictions on Tunisia, and from time to time consolidates them with similar decisions, this will have a negative impact on Tunisian tourism,” Mohamed Ali Toumi, President of Tunisia’s Federation of Travel Agencies said.

The British ban that comes into force on Saturday, also targets Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Fourteen airline companies are required to comply with the directive, including British Airways and EasyJet.

The Security Situation in Tunisia has Improved…but challenges remain.

Tunisian tourism represents 7 percent of GDP and employs 400,000 people.

Tunisia Security Improvements

Since the attacks, Tunisian authorities have ramped up security procedures. Under a UK government scheme, a team of police officers from the National Counter Terrorism Police has been deployed to upgrade security at airports, hotels and tourist spots.

The Tunisian National Tourist Office said CCTV, metal detectors and scanners, as well as 24-hour police patrols around hotels, had also been introduced.

Borders with Algeria and Libya have been tightened, and a list of extremist nationals fighting abroad compiled. According to the Tunisian foreign minister, 22,000 people entered the country illegally in 2011; in 2016, it was 1,000.

FCO Travel Advise

Summary – there’s a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation; the UK government has implemented additional security measures in several countries, including Tunisia, but direct flights continue to depart to the UK from Tunisia.; you should co-operate fully with security officials; information and advice about how this may affect your flight, including if you’re transiting through Tunisia on the way to the UK,


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