1 day ago
Tunisian Tourism Revenue Finally Growing

We've been hearing this for the last 2-years... but still good news. TUNISIAN TOURISM INDUSTRY SLOWLY RECOVERING

The Tunisian tourism industry has begun to recover. The fall in tourism revenues has ... See more

Tunisian tourism industry reported an increase in revenues.

1 week ago
Tunisia will NOT have another REVOLUTION

The protest season has begun but fear not. Like the last 6 years...Tunisia will find a way to move forward.

Tunisia is back in the news and if you didn't know any better you would think that it was headed towards another Revolution. As a security professional that's lived in Tunisia for almost a decade I

1 week ago
Tunisia extends state of emergency by another month

As expected: Tunisia extends state of emergency by another month.

Law allows banning of strikes, meetings, temporary closure of theatres, bars, measures to control media

1 week ago
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Security Awareness:. Economic protests resembling those that sparked the 2010 Jasmine Revolution are spreading throughout Tunisia and may grow into nationwide civil unrest. The protests may escalate ... See more

2 weeks ago
Run for Joel: 1,000 run in memory of teen killed in Tunisia terror attack

Nicely done! Run for Joel: 1000 run in memory of teen killed in Tunisia terror attack.
The Run for Joel charity event happened at Sandwell Valley Country Park in West Bromwich and saw more than 900 ... See more

Around 1,000 people took part in a charity fun run in memory of Tunisia terror attack victim Joel Richards today.

3 weeks ago
France Warns ISIS Terorists Could Flee Libya To Tunisia, Egypt

After being chased out of Libya ISIS (aka the boggy men) COULD flee to Tunisia?? Please read the article before you panic.

France Warns ISIS Terorists Could Flee Libya To Tunisia, Egypt
"ISIS ... See more

ISIS terrorists could flee to Egypt or Tunisia after being flushed from their former Libyan stronghold of Sirte, French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Monday.

3 weeks ago
Tunisia Love 2016: What is Bezness - Love and marriage fraud in Tunisia, Love business. Fake...

Promised a Tunisia Security Update Subscriber that I would share this INFO. Each year many tourist fall victim to this so please be advised.

What is Bezness? Love fraud, Marriage fraud, Immigration fraud, tunisian lover, gits and visa

3 weeks ago
As bombs kill dozens, Syria tries to lure tourists

Think Tunisia has tourism challenges??
"As bombs kill dozens, Syria tries to lure tourists...the tourism push is aimed primarily at Syrians, rather than foreign tourists."

Tourism ministry says new promotional videos aimed at residents, but some residents want to know if they're "out of their minds"

3 weeks ago
Tunisia 'road terrorism’ sees traffic deaths rise

Like I always say:🚔Driving NOT terrorism is your #1 Safety Threat in 🇹🇳Tunisia! Drive Safely!

Tunisia logged 24.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, according to data from previous years, ... See more

Taking away a driver’s licence would be much more effective, says Kameleddine Msekni.

3 weeks ago
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