Threat & Vulnerabilities Assessment-(TVA)

Don’t know where to start regarding your organization’s Security?

Step 1:  Conduct a Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessment (TVA)

As a Security Professional I always advise my clients before they start buying security cameras or adjusting the way they operate to conduct a Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessment.  If done correctly, it can be used as the blueprint to create a Strong & Cost Effective Security Program.

Threat & Vulnerabilities Assessment (TVA)-Overview 

Objective:  To provide a detailed threat and vulnerabilities assessment (TVA) of your organization’s operations in Tunis , as well as make recommendations to improve security in accordance with minimum operating standards and Duty of Care guidelines.

Scope:  The TVA for the above operational facilities should address specific concerns including the following:

  • War

  • Terrorism

  • Crime

  • Political Risks (including Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, Deprivation, Selective Discrimination)

  • Political Violence (including Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion)

  • Fire/safety hazards

  • Egress

  • Electricity/wiring hazards

  • Natural disasters

  • Any other security threats as recognized by the security consultant, but not outlined herein


  • Provide various options to address any security concerns outlined above, ranging from minimally required recommendations to the most robust option. Options should preferably be categorized by order of Low (minimal), Medium (moderate), High (robust).

  • Emergency evacuation manuals and procedures.  (Written in English with specific protocols for how staff to practice drills.)

  • Recommendations on hardening facilities and operations, as needed.

  • Recommendations on access control to facilities and operations, as needed.

Make Security a Top Priority 

During my years of consulting I noticed that most organizations are REACTIVE about their security reality.  The bottom line is that if you don’t make security a Top Priority you will constantly be reacting to the news cycle.  

Don’t wait for the next major security incident to review your security.  Instead be PROACTIVE and commission your Threat & Vulnerabilities Assessment.

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