Tunisia Security Alert: 2 police officers stab near Bardo

A suspected Islamic extremist stabbed two police officers Wednesday near Tunisia’s Parliament headquarters in an unusually bold attack that rattled the capital.

Plus:  See below How Tunisian Security Forces Responsed to the incident.

The attacker, a 25-year-old known to authorities for radicalism, was quickly arrested, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.


Tunisian Security Forces Response

Security reinforcements were rushed to the site in a western suburb of Tunis and cordoned off the area. The stabbing occurred near the country’s leading museum, the Bardo — itself the target of one of Tunisia’s deadliest attacks when two extremists trained in Libya gunned down tourists in 2015.

Source: https://m.roomstogo.com/?dclid=CN-zmdnHndcCFUkahwodx0QI8A

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