Tunisia remains “lucky”…we need to remain AWARE

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May 17, 2016

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The excerpt below is from a recent article I published on LinkedIN entitled Tunisia remains “lucky”


Post Ben Gardane

On May 11th suspected militants were killed during security operations near Tunis.  Additionally, four policemen were killed when a militant detonated his explosives belt after a firefight erupted in Tatouine.

Several analysts have stated that Tunisia- ISIS terrorist groups are stepping up their efforts from within its Libya centered headquarters. Additionally, the attack on Ben Gardane was a preview of the challenges Tunisian Security forces will continue to face.

On May 5 Tunisian officials announced the dismantling of a militant cell that was reportedly planning to direct attacks against “commercial and political targets”.

Synchronized Attacks

After all these developments, we were very concerned on Friday, May 13th. Several police and military members informed me that Tunisia was very fortunate that they were able to foil the attacks. According to several sources the cells wanted to stage a synchronized attack involving 3-5 pre-selected targets.

Moving Forward

As we near the month of Ramadan (June 6/7) we will see more foiled plots, arrests, and a stronger security presence.  International organizations operating in Tunisia need to maintain a high level of awareness.

The fact that Tunisian Security Forces are foiling these attacks says a lot about their commitment and capabilities.  However, given recent events and the fact that ISIS fighters have conducted several attacks; we remain very cautious and concerned about the developments in Tunisia.

 Let’s hope that Tunisian saints (and Security Forces) keep protecting this beautiful country.  

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