Tunisair UPDATE: Arrest of the technician involved in fight

Tunisia Security Update:

Follow Up to yesterday’s (March 9th) Incident regarding Tunisair suspending all flights.

Tunisair: Arrest of the technician who allegedly assaulted the pilot and triggered the fight

  • Date:  10 March 2017

  • Type of Incident:  Travel

  • Risk Level:  LOW

  • Source:  TN


According to the CEO of Tunisiair, the technician who assaulted a pilot this morning was arrested.

Police reinforcements were sent to the airport and a crisis cell including the transport minister was set up to tackle the situation.

According to the first elements of the investigation, it was this technician who was at the origin of the dispute which turned into a fight following which there was the temporary suspension of all the flights of the company.

Tunisair passengers were stranded for hours Thursday after the airline was forced to suspend flights following a row between pilots and maintenance workers over uniforms.

Tunisian media reported that a fight had broken out between aircrew and maintenance workers, following tensions in recent weeks.

The Security Situation in Tunisia has Improved…but challenges remain.

Tunisian tourism represents 7 percent of GDP and employs 400,000 people.

Travel Insurance is a MUST! 

Even with the “improved security”… Expats and Travelers need to stay aware of the security situation and remain security conscious.

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