Tunisair numbers increase but are travelers happy?

Tunisair reported on 10-Aug-2017 that passenger numbers increased 22.7% year-on-year to 384,272 in Jul-2017. Load factor increased from 70.6% in Jul-2016 to 76.5% in Jul-2017. The European market grew 5.9% and accounted for 75.8% of total traffic. Some 384,272 passengers have travelled by Tunisair in July, compared to 313,092 a year ago.- Source:  CPA 

Here’s what some Subscribers on the Tunisia Security Update Facebook Page had to say:

 Sarah commented: I myself will always return back there! I stayed out there for 3 months and returned in January. Not once did I ever feel threatened or afraid. I agree with what someone said about Tunisair upping their prices though. But as someone else said, they do nice food haha…Also I find they have a higher luggage allowance for the value.

Lisa commented: Tell Tunisair to make the flights more affordable then. We’d love to visit several times a year but flight prices make it unachievable.”

Meanwhile:  Tui confirms it may return to selling UK trips to Tunisia.

Tour operator Tui has confirmed it is looking at reinstating holidays from the UK to Tunisia, but will make a final decision based on demand.  TUI is already flying tourists from Belgium to the whole of Tunisia and Germans to some parts.  The Foreign Office relaxed its travel advice for Tunisia at the end of July after two years of restrictions.

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