Tunis-November: Increased Security Awareness

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                   November 19th, 2015


Here at the Tunisia Security Update our goal is to empower you with practical & relevant security information so that you’re able to adjust to adjust your security and thrive in Tunisia.  

With that in mind we would like to share an update so that you are informed and able to make practical adjustments in your personal security setup.  Here are (2) points to consider:  

Point 1:  Tunisian Security Forces remain active and they’re receiving a lot of support. For example, the British Embassy in Tunisia announced the deployment of specialist security teams on the ground to help local police.  They’ve also been very busy these last few days so that tells us that they are acting on information and that the general thereat level has increased.  
Point 2:  We need to remain vigilant as we go about our day to day routines.  Pay attention to your surroundings and stay informed so that you can easily avoid any high risk areas/events.  

Here are a few developments for to us to consider as we assess the security situation in Tunisia (feel free to reply with relevant updates):  

Avenue Habib Bourguiba: A search for an “actively wanted terrorist”

​Wednesday, November 18-MosaiqueFm learned, according to a security source as search operations are being carried out in buildings of streets near the Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, this Wednesday, November 18, to apprehend an individual threatening to explode. The individual in question sent an SMS to his sister, announcing his intention to blow up in the capital. “We’ll see you in Heaven,” he has written. 

Student grenade story in Zaghouan…

Wednesday, November 18A security source in Zaghouan, confirmed that a student of the school Om Laboueb of the delegation of El Fahs, reported that two hooded persons, discussed in the afternoon of November 18, 2015, on the way to school. They would have given this student a grenade and they would have asked him to operate within the school, while threatening him with death if he did not obey their orders. But the student said he left the grenade beside the road, once the two individuals left.

Tunisian “militants” behead 16-year old boy
Saturday, November 14-Tunisian militants have beheaded a 16-year-old boy after accosting him and his cousin, both shepherds, on a mountainside in the central province of Sidi Bouzid, authorities said on Friday.

Security Awareness
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Let’s keep sharing information and staying informed.  

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