TS UPDATE-( Tunis Car Bomb Threats)


In a change of approach, Tunisian officials have decided to inform the public of a pending threat.  Last night, officials warned about a potential car bomb threat in Tunis over the coming days.  The threat was serious enough for Tunisian officials to not only warn the public but also take proactive measures such as banning traffic on Bourguiba Avenue.

September Security Awareness 

This threat comes at a time when the general threat level is already at a all time high with the current state of emergency in place, 9/11 anniversary, and the sheep Eid.  

According to the Tunisian Associated Press: “unidentified militants planned to attack “sensitive sites” in the city with car bombs and explosive belts.”

As expats we need to take these threats seriously and take practical & effective measures.   

Here are 3 practical steps you can take to improve your security posture:  

  1.  Avoid nonessential travel to Habib Bourguiba Avenue.
  2.  Maintain heightened vigilance at hotels and touristic sites. 
  3.  Avoid traveling to all border areas + Kasserine, Kef, and Jendouba regions.  

See Something Say Something…

Lastly, make sure you inform the proper authorities if you see a potential threat.  Also feel free to share your updates with us on:  Tunisia Security Update FB-Page​| Twitter | Google+ .


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