TS Update-(In October Security Awareness is a MUST)

Greetings Expats,
If you’ve been living here since at least 2011 you’ve experienced several historical events.  As Tunisia prepares itself for the legislative election on October 26 & Presidential election on November 23…now is a good time to take a deep breath and say: Here we go again.  
This Week (Sep 29th – October 5th)
This week we cross into the month of October.  A month which will host many visitors and an election on the 26th (yes that’s a Sunday).  Before we get there we can expect to see a heightened level of security throughout Tunis and more reports of arrests & foiled plots.  
While Interior Minster Lotfi Ben Jeddou has already gone on the record reassuring Tunisians that there would be “no disruption of the legislative vote…” it should also be noted that according to Interim PM Jomaa, “intelligence from many terror detainees had revealed the targeting of the electoral process.”
In simple terms:  Tunisians security forces are hoping for the best and preparing for all kinds of challenges.  
For Expats this means that we too have to be prepared for challenges wishing Tunisia all the best.
The Film
On another note…
I’ve received a few emails concerning a”controversial political” film that is due to be released on Wednesday, October 1st.
My take is that the film will have minimal impact since they will show it in mostly politically “left” and open-minded neighborhoods.  Still, it is gaining attention and it seems to be very critical of all the political players. 

The film will be shown at the Cine Mad’art in Carthage (next to the Monoprix market) and at the Alhambra theater in the Zephyr of La Marsa.
Expat Preparedness
Even if all goes well, the next two months will have its share of historical moments & challenging situations.  As expats we must continue to remain proactive about our personal security setup.  These 3 simple reminders will go a long way to ensuring that your personal security is strong & dynamic.
  1. Ensure you are monitoring & practically adjusting routes & routines
  2. Receive practical & relevant security updates (online, embassy, community)
  3. Connect & Engage with fellow expats & locals

Looking forward to providing empowering security information during these historic times.



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