Travel Safety Tunisia

Thinking about visiting Tunisia?

Security Awareness is a MUST.

After going through a period of disturbance in recent times, Tunisia is actually a fairly safe place, generally speaking. It was actually the first North African nation to experience
what is now known as the “Arab Spring“.

Tunisia Travel Safety Articles

Is Tunisia safe to travel to now? Will I be safe?

How safe is Tunisia for women travelers? Find out →Tunisia isn’t one of the worst in the region for harassment of foreign women, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have serious problems with it.

Tunisia Beach Attacks 2015.

What you are covered for?

Terror attack in beach resort of Sousse, June 2015. Is it safe to go to Tunisia, and what should travelers do to protect themselves against further terror attacks. Read this advice from World Nomads.

How to avoid scams in Tunisia and stay safe

Violent crime in Tunisia is somewhat of a rarity and foreigners are not targeted. Petty theft, pick pocketing, and bag snatching are more common than violent assault or muggings. Find out how to stay safe with World Nomads.

Travel Insurance is a MUST


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It’s all-purpose emergency coverage and is the single most important thing you should get for your trip (but hope to never have to use).

Travel insurance: simple & flexible

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