Security Forces kill major terrorist in Tunisia…

Al-Qaida Affiliate Leader’s Top Aide Reportedly Killed in Tunisia

+VIDEO BelowTunisian Protest Update

The country also faces a potential threat from Tunisian militants returning from abroad. More than 3,000 are thought to have left to fight for jihadist groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya over the past years.

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Tunisian security forces have killed a top aide of Abu Musab Abdul Wadud, the leader of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an official source told Reuters on Saturday.

Tunisia has been on high alert since 2015, when Islamic State gunmen killed dozens of foreign tourists in a museum in the capital, Tunis, and on a beach in the resort city of Sousse.

Algerian Bilel Kobi was “the right arm of Abu Wadud” and was killed in an ambush near the Algerian border when on a mission to reorganize AQIM’s Tunisian branch following strikes by Tunisian forces against it, the source told Reuters.

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Protest hurting tourism…

Terrorism has deterred tourism, an industry that directly accounts for 6% of employment in Tunisia. Many Tunisians in the southern and central regions turn to the illicit economy to sustain a livelihood, such as smuggling oil from Libya.


Contrary to 2011, desperation and nihilism play a leading role in the 2018 protests.

When oil flows slowed in the fall of 2017 due to stricter militia control around the usual Libyan smuggling routes, more Tunisians embarked on the dangerous journey to Europe within five weeks than in 2015 and 2016 combined. Additionally, Tunisia has faced crippling inflation as well as a growing deficit.

Tunisia Travel Advise

Current Travel Advise for Tunisia: Summary – protests in several towns and cities across Tunisia continue; you should avoid protests and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

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