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Tunisia Security Update

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          March 1st, 2016

The U.S. Department of State ​has issued an alert following the February 19 U.S. airstrike targeting a Tunisian terrorist facilitator at a terrorist training camp in Libya near the Tunisian border.

Here are some key points: ​
  • ​Alert advises U.S. citizens (but really applies to everyone in a large public venue) to

    maintain a high level of vigilance.

  • The Tunisian government has visibly augmented its security presence in recent months, but challenges persist.
  • For ​More Information on Alert

Here’s a VIDEO with some Personal Security Tips.

What will happen?

     Certified Security Consultant in Tunis


Here’s what we know….

  • Publicly Tunisia is against a foreign intervention in Libya. However…
  • The Tunisian Prime Minister has already authorized governors in the southeast regions to form regional committees to “draw up a plan for each governorate to successfully face…exceptional events that could occur.”
  • UK troops:  A training team of some 20 troops from the 4th Infantry Brigade is now moving to Tunisia to help counter illegal cross-border movement from Libya in support of the Tunisian authorities.
  • Major strike against ISIS on 19 Feb. by the U.S.

What Experts Say May happen…

Tunisia Cannot Escape the Consequences of Military Intervention in Libya –

A renewal of massive Western air strikes in Libya would undoubtedly push at least another million Libyan refugees across the border into Tunisia. Such a great number of Libyan refugees will make the situation untenable, because no small country like Tunisia, which has limited natural resources, could withstand a sudden increase of its population by almost one third. -Professor Jawed Zouari

Worst Case Scenario ..i.e Speculation

Objective in Libya to neturalize ISIS threat and strengthen the government. Western intelligence officials believe that up to 6,500 ISIS fighters — twice the number previously thought — have relocated to Libya.

Action – Reaction

As a response to a Western Strike ISIS may comeback with coordinate attacks across several countries including Tunisia. This has already happened in the past so it’s not much of a stretch to consider.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.22.20 AM

Such an event along with the current economic challenges & weaken political unity could cause a lot trouble for Tunisia.


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