Is Tunisia Safe to Visit?

Tunisia Security Update

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March 17th, 2016

 The purpose of this post is to answer this question:  

Is Tunisia Safe to Visit?  

The Short answer: YESBUT only with the proper setup & mindset.

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To visit or not to visit…

Recently, Tunisia’s Tourism Minster stated:  

“Tunisia is safe,” “Of course there are some places that are dangerous. But there are areas that are 100 percent safe.”

First of all, the decision to travel is your responsibility. If your country is advising you NOT to travel to Tunisia then I would recommend you consider their advise.  Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to get traveler’s insurance if your country has publicly stated that it is not SAFE to visit Tunisia.  Still, the decision to travel is an individual choice and Tunisia is hoping (pleading) for tourists to come.

Proper Setup for Travelers: 

There’s a lot travelers can do to address security concerns: 

  • Country Awareness:  (Read the latest Crime & Safety Report.)
  • Documentation (This website [Travel’s Checklist] will generate a list for you.) 
  • Accommodations  (Make sure you research your hotel…there’s tons of review sites out there.) 
  • Registration: (If possible register with your respective embassy.) 
  • Information: (Make sure you are receiving regular updates.)  

Hotel Security Awareness

Last week six gunmen stormed Cote d’Ivoire beach resort of Grand Bassam and opened fired on tourists, killing 14 civilians and two soldiers. Security forces worldwide are busy reviewing their security at hotels and other strategic locSousse-securityations fearing a copy-cat attack.

In Tunisia most beach hotels remain mostly empty as tourists are scared off by concerns over security.  The fears are the combination of three major militant attacks last year, including two on foreign visitors, as well as travel warnings by countries including Britain, have battered the tourism industry which accounts for 7-8 percent of Tunisia’s economy.


Once you have the proper setup in place the only thing you need is a Strong Security MINDSET.  The fact is that security threats are worldwide and not limited to a particular geographical place (Paris, Tunis, Ankara, San Bernardino…etc).   

A Strong Security Mindset will enable you to explore and thrive in any country.  At EXPATOUS we focus on specific skills and models that expats/tourists can use to adopt a Strong Security Mindset.  Above all Situational Awareness (the ability to pay attention /identify danger/and REACT) is the most important skill that you can adopt. 

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Tunisia will continue to face serious security challenges and unfortunately things may actually get more difficult (LIBYA) before they get better. Remember  the decision to travel is your responsibility but with the proper setup & a strong security mindset you can have a safe/enjoyable trip to Tunisia.  

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