Is the Travel Industry taking security more “seriously”?

What has the travel industry learnt from the Tunisia tragedy?


BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):  The travel industry is taking security more seriously however they still depend on travelers to do their due diligence.

Visiting Tunisia ?  

Travel companies have already begun to implement changes, while the FCO is due to update the way in which terrorism threats are described and improve how it communicates advice online.

Tui now includes links to FCO advice on every web page throughout the booking process, while staff have undergone extra training. FCO information cards are also displayed on agents’ desks.

Tui UK and Ireland managing director Nick Longman said it was time to “further reflect” on the coroner’s findings and the visibility of travel advice.

Thomas Cook said it too had “come a long way” in the past two years, introducing similar changes on its website and training staff to direct customers to FCO advice.

A spokesman said: “We know we’ve got more to do, particularly in our shops, and customers will see more changes in the next few months to improve access to the information they need.”

                      Traveling to Tunisia?

Travel Weekly but the agents to the test using Turkey as an example to see how much “security advise” is given…

• FCO Travel Aware campaign cards visible on every desk, but could not be seen once seated.
• Agent said it was not her place to advise on whether I should visit a destination or not.
• I was told they followed FCO advice about selling a country.
• Links to FCO advice on the back of printed quotes.

Thomas Cook
• Agent said Turkey was a good choice, as it was currently cheap.
• She said Turkey was “fine”, with Egypt and Tunisia the main concerns because of flight bans.
• She told me to look online for advice, but didn’t suggest where.

Barrhead Travel
• Advised me to read up on Turkey, but did not mention FCO advice, even when asked where information could be found.
• I was told holidays would not be on sale if Turkey wasn’t safe.
• Didn’t offer an opinion when asked whether Greece was safer.

Sta Travel
• I was told Turkey was safe and tour guides can make alterations if anything happens.
• The agent asked if I’d seen the FCO’s online travel advice and gave me the web address.
• I was told my deposit could be switched to another trip if anything happened in Turkey after I had booked.

FCO Travel Advise-Tunisia

Summary – there’s a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation; the UK government has implemented additional security measures in several countries, including Tunisia, but direct flights continue to depart to the UK from Tunisia.; you should co-operate fully with security officials; information and advice about how this may affect your flight, including if you’re transiting through Tunisia on the way to the UK.


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