Hunting in Tunisia

Quick Guide to Hunting in Tunisia…

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Tourist hunting is authorized and regulated in Tunisia


Here are the facts:

Tunisia is a signatory to several international conventions that commit it to the sustainable management and conservation of wildlife.

The authorities are therefore obliged to introduce all measures necessary to achieve these objectives. In the absence of a national red list, they should remove from the hunting list any bird classed as “Near Threatened” on the IUCN Red List.

Tourist hunters in Tunisia are permitted to kill wild boar, jackal, fox, mongoose, genet – and numerous bird species.

What do you need to Hunt in Tunisia? 

Apply to a Tunisian travel agency to organize a hunting trip. They are then provided with a hunting license (valid for 7 days and renewable) and a specialized guide.

Note:  Depending on the game they target, hunters may also pay a fee to the Tunisian state, which can range from one thousand dinars (336 €) to two thousand dinars (672 €) per hunter depending on the time and duration of the trip. Each hunter is also allowed to bring along 350 rounds of ammunition.

Does all this Hunting sound too much for you?  

Hunting Alternatives  

For travelers looking to enjoy wildlife in a more “civilized” setting feel free to check out Friguia Park.  Located at about 20 miles north of Sousse, Friguia is a private wildlife park which hosts about 61 species in semi-liberty. Open to the public since November 11,2000, Friguia is dedicated to protect endangered animals.

The park is spread over an area of 36 acres and houses 406 animals. Visitors will find a real pleasure discovering the various animal species in one of the best natural environments. They can also find a number of rest areas with convenience stores (Restaurants/Pizzeria), a kiosk and a souvenir shop.

Friguia Park is the only private zoo in Tunisia which aims to ensure the reproduction of endangered animal species and its reintroduction into the wild.The park is working in collaboration with the General Directorate of Forestry and Paris’s zoologic park in order to ensure this function.

Hunting Wild Boars in Tunisia. 

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