German Tourist choose Spain over Tunisia

A recent survey revels that Germans value security of sunshine…

Sun, beach, and sea have been replaced by security as the number one factor for travelers when it comes to picking their destination.

“Classic tourism destinations like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia were considered riskier, with just 5 percent of respondents agreeing that they were safe.”

Tourism safety and security is a hot issue worldwide, Germany included. Travelers prefer to visit destinations that are “safe”.

Which country is “SAFE”?-The U.K.’s minister of state for the Middle East and North Africa said Thursday that even as ISIS crumbles, its influence remains strong.

A new survey by the market research company GfK shows that a majority of Germans think the parts of the world that are German-speaking are safe. It includes Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. 77% percent of Germans thought their own country is absolutely safe.

Better educated Germans were almost twice as likely as the average to say that Britain and the US were safe countries to travel to.

 The GfK survey showed that 53 percent consider Scandinavia safe for travel, and 52 percent think the same about Italy.

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The survey asked people about their attitudes to 30 tourism regions. Only one in three thought of Britain as safe, and just under one in four (23 percent) said that the United States is a safe destination.

Australia and Canada ranked more favorably, winning the trust of 44 percent and 47 percent of Germans, respectively.

Source: eturbonews

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