Foreign Tourist Numbers up for Tunisia in 2017!

TUNIS (Reuters) – The number of foreign tourists in Tunisia rose by 23 percent.

Plus: READ BELOW the percentage of visitors by Nationalities.  Hint:  The French are no longer #1 🙂 

A total of 6.731 million tourists visited the North African country in the year until Dec. 20, data provided by the presidency showed.

“Tunisia’s tourism revenues rose by 16.3 percent to 2.69 billion dinars ($1.09 billion), data showed.”

Tourism accounts for about 8 percent of Tunisia’s gross domestic product, provides thousands of jobs and is a key source of foreign currency, but has struggled since two deadly militant attacks in 2015.

Tourism in Tunisia is an industry that generates around 7 million arrivals per year, which makes the country among the ones that attract the most tourists in AfricaTunisia has been an attractive destination for tourists since the beginning of the 1960s. Among Tunisia‘s tourist attractions are its cosmopolitan capital city of Tunis, the ancient ruins of Carthage, the Muslim and Jewish quarters of Jerba, and coastal resorts outside Monastir.

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Algerians & Germans to the rescue!

The number of European tourists rose by 19.5 percent to 1.664 million, the data showed. The number of French visitors rose by 45.5 percent and the number of Germans by 40.8 percent in the same period.

The number of Algerians visiting rose by 40.5 percent to 2.322 million.

 The number of overnight stays increased 22.3 percent to reach 21.25 million. The island of Djerba in southeastern Tunisia ranks top with 4.66 million overnight stays.

The Arab Maghreb, including Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Mauritania, ranks first in terms of number of tourists who visited Tunisia with 3,666,941 tourists, a remarkable increase of 30.8 percent.

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