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 Article Date:  Tuesday 21 July 2015

By AFP| Highlighted by DavidSecurity

The Foreign Secretary says the decision to change travel advice to the North African country was based on intelligence.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has defended his decision to tell British holiday makers to leave Tunisia in the wake of the Sousse terror attack, saying the safety of UK citizens was “our number one priority”.

Appearing before the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Mr Hammond was pressed over his decision to update the travel advice nearly two weeks after the attack and urge tourists to return home.

Asked why he had changed the advice, Mr Hammond said: “Intelligence.

“As we embedded more and more people with the Tunisian authorities and as they uncovered more of the picture around this attack, the picture that we developed made us more concerned that a further attack targeting western interests was likely.”

He said: “We very much hope that a combination of action that the Tunisian government is taking to deal with the network behind this attack and action that the Tunisian government is taking to reinforce preventative security will allow us to revisit that decision in due course.

The Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid recently told Sky News he“regrets” Britain telling its citizens to leave the country following the attack.


Source:   SKYNEWS

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