After London Attacks We Need to Support Tunisia

As the terror threat rises across the world; Tunisia remains a central battlefield. Since the Sousse Attack (June 2015) Tunisia has been making steady gains against terrorism and their 3 pronged approach may also be used as an effective model by Western countries.

Three Pronged: (an attack or operation) having three separate parts.

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With the start of Ramadan last week we saw a spike in both threats and actual attacks throughout the world.  On Saturday London was hit yet again putting most Western countries on high alert.

Meanwhile in Tunisia 3 separate events showcased Tunisia’s approach to fight terrorist. This effective strategy includes targeting the terrorist’s:

  1. Leadership ranks

  2. Recruitment networks

  3. Finance networks


Tunisian security forces killed a senior leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) on Sunday. They believed he was plotting attacks on the country during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The Interior Ministry announced his death Monday, describing him as “dangerous,” but did not identify the leader. Sofiene Sliti, a spokesperson for the Justice Ministry stated.

2.  Recruitment:  Tunisia Arrests Top Terrorist Recruiter

Tunis – Tunisia’s interior ministry has confirmed the arrest of a man recruiting fighters for the purpose of sending them to war zones such as Libya, Syria and Iraq.

The ministry, which did not identify the suspect, said the man is Tunisian and was residing in a neighboring country. But he was arrested in the center of the Tunisian capital.

The arrest of the man, who is considered a top terrorist recruiter, will likely untangle the mystery of the travel of hundreds of Tunisians to war zones.

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed has warned that no one would be spared in the government’s massive anti-corruption fight.

“We aim to tear down the systems of corruption,” Chahed said Sunday, vowing that in coordination with Tunisia’s President Beji Caid Essebsi “no one will be protected in this war against corruption.”

Tunisia arrested a dozen notable figures last month on suspicion of involvement in corruption. Those arrested included businessmen, suspected smugglers and even a former security official and Chahed said some of them were accused of “incitement and alleged financing of the protest movement” in the south.

Tunisia is the Front Line Against Terrorism

The current economic “recovery” taking place in Tunisia is proof that it’s 3 pronged strategy is effective but it may not be enough.  The reality is that Tunisia is one bad day/attack away from losing all it’s gains.  Furthermore, the systemic corruption and social unrest may prove too much for the current government to handle.

The recent London attacks should remind all Western counties of the importance of supporting Tunisia. According to Tunisia’s Interior Ministry since 2012 authorities have prevented over 20,000 youths from joining terrorist organizations.

By supporting Tunisia the West will strengthen democracy and help prevent attacks similar to the ones taking place across Europe.

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