Protests won’t help Tunisia’s tourism troubles…

Protesters chanted “work, freedom and national dignity”

Tourism continues to overcome the 2015 set back…

2015 Sousse attack continues to negatively impact the Tunisian economy.  

2015 hit Tunisia hard and some may say they haven’t recovered.  Two dreadful events:

Traveling to Tunisia?

Tourism troubles…

Tourism revenues fell by 35 percent in 2015, compared to the previous year, and the number of tourists visiting Tunisia dropped by 30 percent, to 4.2 million people, the ministry of economy reported.

By comparison, nearly seven million tourists visited Tunisia before the revolution in 2010.

The new finance law sparked a wave of anger in Tunisia throughout the past week. Protests swept across the country, accompanied by clashes at night between security guards and youths.

While the industry picked up slightly in 2016, the tourists that chose Tunisia – mainly Algerians and Russians – were coming on “all-inclusive” deals so “the impact on the local economy is thus very limited”, the ministry said.  Tunisia also saw an uptick in French and German tourists last year.

Current Travel Advise for Tunisia: Summary – protests in several towns and cities across Tunisia continue; you should avoid protests and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

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