TS Update-(Crime and Safety Report)

The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) crime and safety report is a great security informational resource.  Mostly updated by the U.S. Embassy’s Regional Security Officer, the report provides valuable and practical security information.  The report was recently updated and looking for valuable insights here’s what I found… Overview The U.S. Department of State continues to

TS Update-(Good Day)

Yesterday thousands of Tunisians sent a powerful message to those who are calling for division and extremism.  “”Tunisia is free, no to the Caliphate and backwards mind” read one of many such signs. It was also a powerful message to Expats.  There should be no doubt that the majority of Tunisians are for pluralism and

TS Update-(Independence Action)

During the Spring Break I promised myself that I would “cut back” from all the security information and simply enjoy the week, but there’s so much going on that it’s close to impossible to cut back.  Besides, I love this stuff! I find the times we’re living in so interesting and like an enthusiastic storm

TS Update-(Spring Break Tunisia 2012)

I wanted to share a few travel tips for those of you staying in country over the break.  The weather is getting better and thankfully tourism is picking back up.  Still, Situational Awareness remains your best security tool because of the unpredictability of social tensions and demonstrations.  Additionally, it is a good practice to visit

TS Update-(In the Middle)

The Associated Press story entitled “Tunisian Islamists Spark Fear of Culture War”  has a passage that accurately describes the situation Expats currently find themselves in: “New religious freedoms have also opened the way for the Salafis, who are now in a daily battle for hearts and minds with equally hardline secular elements entrenched in the

TS Update-(A moment of truth)

As Expats, we find ourselves once again witnessing history.  Once again we’re going to see a shift.  A shift in this whole debate between the so-called “salafists” and the general Tunisian public.  It has already been established that the salafists do not represent most Tunisians.  Instead they are but a vocal minority taking advantage of

TS Update-(Salafists Fridays)

After witnessing the disturbing protest on Friday, March 2,  by the so-called “salafists” in front of the U.S embassy , I decided this would be a good time to take a step back… Let’s cover the basics Expats love to travel. They love to experience new cultures and discover new worlds. However,  they’re usually not

TS Update-(Friday Protests-Update)

It’s turning out to be yet another busy Friday.  A couple of protests are taking place today. (1) Protest downtown  (2) We are still monitoring the other and will post details once we have confirmed it. (1)  It’s called the Million people march for Tunisia. The purpose is to “unite to build our country, unite

TS Update-(Ready for Spring)

If we could pick one headline that summarizes the current state of security in Tunisia we would choose this one: “Confrontation in Tunisia possible but not inevitable.”  The article from which this headline was taken does a good job of analyzing the struggle that is taking place between “the ruling Islamist movement and the participating

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