TS Update-(Interesting Friday)

Fridays are always interesting.  Just last week “police used tear gas to disperse a demonstration of ultra conservative Islamists protesting against the government in the capital.”  Call me overly cautious but I don’t think it was a smart security move on the part of the Tunisian president to label the salafists as an “insignificant minority”

TS Update-(GP9 Updates)

On a cold and raining morning I decided to drive along La Marsa highway (GP9) in order to post an update on some of the recent changes.  The highway is an important road artery for people living in the Carthage & La Marsa suburbs. Unfortunately, it is also famous for speeding and unsafe driving. Safety

TS Update-(Eye of the Storm)

The eye of a storm is a region of what appears to be a calm center of raging weather. Although the eye is “by far the calmest part of the storm”, it is also the most hazardous area.  As the storm of revolution that started in Tunisia continues to be felt around the world, one

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